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Legacy of Hope

Leaving a Legacy of Hope
Beacon of Hope Homeless Shelter depends on the gifts of God’s people to offer essential services and transformative programs to homeless individuals throughout our community.  Your cash contributions allow us to minister to the needs of our homeless guests and recovery residents now.  Your planned, noncash and estate gifts allow us to minister in the years to come. 

Learn more on this page about how you can support Beacon of Hope Homeless Shelter in a variety of ways. With your help, we are transforming our community one life at a time.

Gifts of Cash
Your unrestricted gifts of cash allow Beacon of Hope Homeless Shelter to meet immediate needs every day. You may choose to designate your gifts or donate money in honor or in memory of a loved one, too. Make your donation here.

Gifts of Stock and Shares
When you donate appreciated stock held one year directly to Beacon of Hope Homeless Shelter, you avoid capital gains tax, and you may still deduct the full fair-market value from your income tax.

Gifts through Your Estate
Provide for Beacon of Hope Homeless Shelter in your estate plan using this simple codicil:

I, [name], of [city, state, zip], give, devise, and bequeath to Beacon of Hope Homeless Shelter, Ft. Dodge, IA, [percent or amount] of my estate for its unrestricted use and purpose.

Retirement Assets and IRA Giving
Designating Beacon of Hope Homeless Shelter as the beneficiary of your retirement account offers several tax advantages. Unlike individual beneficiaries, charities do not pay income tax on withdrawals from these accounts, plus the sum you give will not be included in your adjusted gross income. 

Gifts of Life Insurance
You can name Beacon of Hope Homeless Shelter as a beneficiary of part or all of your life insurance. For instance, you can provide 80 percent of the benefit to family and 20 percent to the Shelter. Or name the Shelter as a contingency beneficiary in the event your primary beneficiaries cannot accept the gift.

Gifts In-kind and Real Estate
Beacon of Hope Homeless Shelter always appreciates your in-kind gifts of items we’ve included in our needs lists. When considering a donation of real estate, equipment, vehicles and other large items, please contact Brian Bidleman, executive director, at [email protected] before making your donation.

Donor-advised Funds
Contribute to Beacon of Hope Homeless Shelter through your established Donor-advised Fund (DAF). A donor-advised fund is a giving account established at a public charity, allowing donors to make a charitable contribution, realize an immediate tax deduction and then recommend grants to their favorite charities whenever they choose.  Learn more at https://thesignatry.com.

Take Note!  Before making a planned gift to Beacon of Hope Homeless Shelter, talk with your personal tax advisor, financial planner or estate attorney. Thank you for your faithful and consistent partnership with our ministry.  You are transforming lives!

To learn more about planned giving opportunities, contact Brian Bidleman at 515-955-3366 or email [email protected].