1021 1st Ave. N. Fort Dodge, IA 50501
Steve Roe is the passion behind the
new men’s homeless shelter in downtown Fort Dodge, Iowa

What Is Beacon of Hope Shelter?
Beacon of Hope Shelter is a Christ-centered faith-based ministry working cooperatively with the community to eliminate homelessness. Beacon of Hope provides a safe and secure emergency shelter to homeless adult men: offering shelter, clothing and food, for temporary assistance to create opportunities and programs in working towards self-sufficiency.

Vision of Beacon of Hope
Our vision is to bring an awareness within the community and surrounding areas of the great need to help our fellow man and the outreach needed within our community. To offer a safe, comfortable place to rest, facilities to cleanse, food and an opportunity to find lasting hope through the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the homeless and hurting men of Fort Dodge and surrounding areas.

How did this all start?
This ministry started with a burden on one persons heart and spread to many others. When we start to become the hand and feet of Jesus, that is when we truly come to know who Jesus truly is. Through this Ministry we will see the love of Jesus transform peoples’ lives.

How is Beacon of Hope funded?
Beacon of Hope Shelter does not seek, nor accept any government funding that could compromise our mission. We will run totally on donations from individuals, churches, and businesses. As a Christ centered unified community ministry we cannot run without the support of our community.

How is Beacon of Hope staffed?
Beacon of Hope has a small amount of hired staff in conjunction with volunteers who feel the call in their hearts and on their lives to help and love the homeless, hurting, and broken. There is an  “In House Program” where resident trainees will become Team Leaders at Beacon of Hope, training others. For most of these men, at the shelter,  the true healing comes when they are able to give back, and say to a hurting, homeless man coming into the shelter for the first time: “I’ve been there, where you are now, you’ll be OK”, and that gives true hope. If you or anyone you know is interested in learning more about volunteering as a staff person at the shelter, please call us at 955-3366.

How many can we house? 
At this time we are able to house 40 to 52 men.  We house 40 men in our large dormatory, 8 beds in the Program dorms upstairs, and 4 overflow beds in our day room.

How long can they stay? 
We currently do not have a limit on the time the men can stay with us.  We are keeping an open policy that may be revised in the future regarding this. At this time, we feel it is important that the men that stay at the shelter learn coping skills, through the knowledge and support of Christ, to help give them strength and guidance. Through this guidance they are developing hope and confidence that they can and will make a difference in society.

Will Beacon of Hope offer counseling? 
Our Pastor and Program Director, is conducting counseling programs with the men.  Some of the materials he uses include “Men By God’s Design Discipleship Program”, “Search for Significance” book and workbook, along with the book “Boundaries” and the DVD series “Slaying the Giant in Your Life” by Pastor David Jeremiah. In addition, we hold a chapel service daily which the men are required to attend, which helps them feel the healing love of Jesus Christ.

How are you feeding the homeless?  
Our churches and community have come together to help feed the homeless.  In addition to daily meals for our guests, we provide a Saturday evening meal open to the community on the first three Saturday’s of the month at 5:00 pm. We are now looking for volunteers to serve meals all days of the week.  You may prepare and bring the food yourself or you may volunteer to prepare and serve a meal using the food in our pantry.  This is an opportunity for the community to experience the joy of serving.  To learn how you can HELP make a difference click here.

Thanks to the support of our community we now have approximately 30 men staying at the shelter.  Steve Roe would like to extend an invitation to have him come speak to your church or group to spread the word about Beacon of Hope and the healing ministry being conducted here.